A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Project STAR follows the journey of a lone conversationalist that has caught wind of a corporation's plan to destroy  planetary bodies called STARs: Stellar Terrestrial Animal Reserves. The corporation plans to use the "recently vacated" space to create an interstellar highway that would further endanger any STARs. 

Grab your spacesuit, stow your fears, and get ready to embark on an adventure through the stars.

Install instructions

To play:

  1.  Download the .zip file called "Project Star Build"
  2. Double click the .zip file and find an .exe file called "Project Star"
  3. Double click that .exe file and select "Extract All" and choose a folder you would like to download the game files to. 
  4. Once it is done extracting, open the newly created folder that should be named "Project Star Build", find and double click the .exe file called "Project Star" which should now have the unity logo as its symbol, and the game should open
  5. Have fun!


Project Star Build.zip 33 MB
Project Star Build Mac.zip 32 MB

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